Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Frum Tor

Heyo Bad Man.  Tor heer.

'Smee, Tor!
Iy borroed Bad Laydee's cumpyooter compootur   majik bocks to rite yoo a nowt.

Bad Laydee says dat Fryday is a big day for us threee.  Shee says its the day dat Iy has to go outsied.

Wy Bad Man, wy?

Dis my wy face
Shee also says dat its the day dat Dicksee gowes to hur new home.  That ok wif mee, Bad Man.  Shee bited mye tayles too much.

And shee aslo attakd atakked jumped on mee wif meny bites.



Iy not liek hur so much for dat.

And it o.k. if you takes Mylow to outsied.  Hee looks nise,

but hees rellee vishus visheus rellee meen.  Seee?

But mee?  Iys not liek dat.  Iys a guud boy.  Shur Iy doos plaey wif my bruddur and sistur,

But dey mayked me doo it.  Iy not liek it so much. 

Yoo nowe wut I liek?  Sleeeping.  I liek sleeeping, and den yoo not nowe Iym eeven arownd.

Iy eeven sleeep wif peeples aslo.

And Iy not cumplane comeplayn say anyting wen dat litteler gurl raps mee up.

Seee mee sleeping?  Iy so inosent innoesent nise.

And Iy still neeed mye mama aslo.

Bad Laydee says we gots a bond, Bad Man.  Mebee its caus Iy sits wif hur wen she yooses the majik bocks.

Reelee Iy jus lookin owt the windoe

Mebee its caus Iy clime up hur pantses to saye heyo evury day.

Iy dunno.

But Iy promis promice swere Iy will not clime the screeen no mores, if yoo lets mee staey in.

Iys comin bak doewn
O.K., Bad Man?  Mebee Iy eeven calls yoo Good Man frum noew on.
Ugh!  Dis camra is to clos to mye face!

.....But prolly not.
Dats beddur.  'S hard to taek piktchurs of meeself

Dats all Iy has to saey, Bad Man.  'Cept Iy luv yoo.

Dis is aslo mye Iy luv yoo face
Frum,  Luv


  1. I love this post :D Tor, you totally made my day! Thanks for stealing Bad Laydee's majik bocks to write us this little note :) I promise that outside is not so bad - there are lots of bugs to chase, and you can still find some warm spots to curl up for a nap!


  2. Hahahaha!!! Never a dull moment with kittens! Cute little buggers.

  3. Very cute! Are you sure I should take Dixie?? She looks pretty tough. Thor looks a lot like Spud. Hope Gert will survive!

  4. If I lived close by, I nab that little cutey. Of course, he and i would have to live in the barn 'cause the hubs would put us out if I brought home another cat!

  5. My heart is completely melted : )


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