Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ferdi Finds a New Home

Goodbye, Ferd!

Ferdi has moved out.

He now lives 40 minutes away, at a farm where he is wanted for his shrieking and aggressive tendencies.  I think he will be very happy, as he's joining another gaggle and will have plenty of room to run and can scream as much as he likes.  In fact, the woman who took him wanted him for that very fact--she needed a shrieker.  So I think he will be just fine there.

Ferdi had become too much for our little farm over the past year.  He latched onto Benjamin, the Pilgrim gander with a ferocity that was something to behold.  He totally ignored Ginger, who was his mate.  He became aggressive when challenged, and way too noisy for my taste.  He just no longer fit in.  I am glad that this is the way it went with him, though.  My only other option was to serve him for dinner, and I would have regretted that.  He was one of the first goose pair I ever owned and I will always love him for that--he taught me so much.  I am happy that he will be able to continue and be encouraged to do what he loves best-yelling at the top of his lungs and lunging at people.  Good for him.

Ferdi in the carrier, which is too small for him now.  Can you see him cursing at me?  He is.
Am I sad?  No.  Surprisingly, no.  I think it's a mark of a good farmer when you can recognize that an animal is not working for you and can let go of it, no matter which way that is.  It took me quite a while to get here, and that's the truth.  I remember I used to read in horror about people who selectively keep the animals they raise for the good of the breed--if you weren't up to snuff, you were outta here.  And though I admit I'm not up to that stage yet, I can see it on the horizon for me.  These animals are no longer pets, they're working partners.  You don't work, you get fired, end of story.  It's too expensive to feed a slacker.  And my time is way too valuable to spend trying to make a square peg fit a round hole. 

So Ferdi's story ends at Chicken Scratch, but begins somewhere else.  I hope that he will serve as a wonderful look out and have many happy years screaming bloody blue murder.

What did I get in return, you ask?  We didn't go the money route, if you're at all curious.  We bartered.  I gave her Ferdi and she gave me these:

 Two little Welsummer chicks.  Wellies have become one of my favorite breeds, so I was thrilled to have them.   Ferdi's worth more than two Welsummer chicks, and I know it, but with the two in the incubator nearly ready, the 36 more that are going in right after, and not to mention my yearly order of chicks coming in in May, I have plenty.  Plenty of plenty.  These two little 'uns will be good companions to the two hatching on Monday.  And that's good enough for me. 
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  1. Oh I do believe you are getting the stink eye from him in the crate. Something that large and noisy is sure to be missed next time you go about chores since it will be quieter. The best thing here is he got a good home.


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