Sunday, February 26, 2012


Either a small dinosaur has been through our property, or an emu has.  Or Ginger's up to her old spring thang again.  And early.  Last year, she didn't start nesting until mid-April.  I think that speaks a lot to what type of year we're having.  And possibly it portents an early spring?  It certainly has seemed to be coming early here, with the weather being so mild.
Does Ginger know something we don't?  Probably.  Only time will tell. 

She's picked the bushes again, like last year.  She made a beautiful nest out of dead leaves and some mulch.  I did take the egg, though, and I will take all her eggs, because none of them will be fertile.  Unfortunately, since Ginger's run in with the dog that left her wing down permanently, she's an outcast with the gaggle and no male will touch her.  Poor baby.  Plus, with her injury, she no longer has a mate.  Ferdi, instead of being with her, has decided that Benjamin is the love of his life.  Lovely for Ferdi, but Benjamin isn't doing his duty, if you know what I mean.  Ferdi's going to have to go, I think.  He's gotten hyper aggressive and possessive.  I'll try to find him a good home, if I can.

Sigh.  This is farming, isn't it?

Anyway, I have this beautiful egg.  It's a 7 ouncer, which is giant, compared to chicken eggs.  I think I might blow it out, it's so beautiful.  What a gift, huh?
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  1. Aw, poor Ginger. Any chance of giving her somebody else's egg/s to hatch?

  2. So right, this is farming! Don't you love it? I have chickens and ducks, and have been thinking about getting geese. Not sure yet. Love your blog!


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