Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nesting Instincts

No, not mine.  I'm talking about he chickens.  I built them a nest box duplex today.  I am pretty proud of how it came out, too.

It's made of 100% recycled materials, except for the screws.  So I guess it's really 99% recycled stuff.  It's all bits and pieces of left over plywood, some old baseboard trim that was hanging around, some left over 4x4s for the base that are from the old playset (still getting mileage out of that thing), and the old closet bar that used to be in the brooder (hence the chicken poo already on it). 

It took me all day to do, surprisingly.  But I am really proud of it (did I say that already?  Ok, I'm just proud).  I have one more to make of the same size, and then I have to make a double to go somewhere else, because I don't think I can fit four across on the wall.  I would like 14 nest boxes total, I think.  Plenty of space for all.

Of course, right after I finished, the work was thoroughly inspected.

Now that these are done, the older gals are moving into the new coop.  I am leaving Fat Black alone so that she can brood her eggs in peace.  I will have to re-teach the older girls to use the new nests.  Today, Fat Black got up and took a stroll around the yard, and someone else went in her nest and laid an egg in it.  Then when Black went back, she found the other hen in her nest, and decided to sit on the eggs in the nest next to hers instead.  I had to shoo out the other chicken, remove her unfertile egg, and put Black back on her nest.  She settled right in, but phew!  What chicken drama.  We're getting so close to the hatching time, I am super nervous she's going to up and leave.  Any hiccups make me worry she'll quit.  Plus, she'll need a space of her own for herself and her adopted chillins, so the old coop is the perfect small broody house.  Lucky girl! 

Can't wait to see those little 'uns.  Can't wait to see what they ARE, mostly.  Three are a dang mystery.  I'll let you know how it goes!  Wish Black luck!
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  1. Good luck to Fat Black (such a funny name)! Hope she can sit it out! Love the nests.

  2. Very nice! A chicken condo!


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