Friday, July 8, 2011

Freaking Awesome

Babies!!!  Go Fat Black!
Hard to see....

Easier to see....

Easiest to see...

Look at that baby!

Ok.....settling down.....

These little ones are 7 and 9 days old.  There are 4 Ameraucana eggs, 2 brown eggs of unknown origin, and one white egg.  The white egg took the best pictures, as you can probably figure.  That's the one seen in the last two shots here.  I could actually see the baby move and the heart beating, it was so easy to see.  So cool!

Let me show you a crappy picture of what the little ones look like now:

Here's a cool picture of a 9 day old chick-to-be.  Poor little chicken, though.

photo source

I don't know where I find these things.  The internet is just full of stuff.

I showed my daughter the series of these pictures back when Ginger was sitting on her nest.  She asked if they put the baby back in the egg when they are done, so they can take another picture the next day.  I told her yes, and that they just duct tape them back together again.

I am a BAD mother.

I did come clean later on.
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