Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's a CHICK!!!

I checked on Black this morning, to be sure she wasn't doing anything bad, and she wasn't, which was nice.  Went about my business, and then just checked on her a few minutes ago.  She had pooped in her nest, so I decided to move her to the box next to it.  I scooped out one egg, two eggs, three eggs, four, five, and reached for the sixth and pulled out shell.
Shit.  I thought she'd done it again.  But then, faintly, from under Black's butt, came a little peep. 

I couldn't scoop Black up fast enough.  And there it was.  A baby!!!

Why, you ask, is that baby in a tupperware container under a heat lamp instead of with Fat Black?  Good question.  The answer is simply this:  when I pulled out the baby and stopped making a total ass of myself by cooing over it like a moron, I put it in the new nest and put Black on top.  She proceded to try to kill the baby by picking it up by the head and trying to throw it across the box.  Can you say, not mommy material?  It's safer with me, so I scooped it back up, cooed like an idiot a bit more, and watched Black settle back in on the other eggs.  I took this little one inside to warm up and not be thrown around by its head.

Maybe when the others hatch she'll be more prone to wanting to mother them.  Somehow, between tossing this one around and opening the other one to eat it's shell, I doubt it.  For now, Black goes on the list as a good brooder and a BAD mother. 

But there's a baby!  So yeay!  Good job sitting on your butt, Black!

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