Thursday, January 27, 2011


Finally had a day today, between snowstorms and snow days and half days and work, where I could run the couple of errands I had to do.  The big one was Home Depot.  I was going to pick up some 2x3s, chicken wire, and a couple of concrete blocks.  The concrete blocks are for the pond--I have one bank that keeps eroding, and I am trying to keep it shored up, and the wood and wire are for the new goose house.  Though it is early, it's going to take me a while to build, and the geese will need some time to get used to their new home before they are evicted from it by the ducks.

Anyway, while in Home Depot, I had slugged through the snow to get the concrete and wire, and was in the lumber aisle putting 2x3s in the cart.  I had already put in the other pieces of wood, and with the 12 2x3s I was adding, it was getting to be quite a pile.  As I'm pulling the wood, I hear "Wow".

I turn around.  There is a gentlemen standing there, looking at my cart.  I know I looked puzzled, so he said "Wow" again and then "I'm impressed", and pointed to the pile on the cart.

I got the gist, so I said, "I'll be impressed when it's built."

"That'll be something too, but it's a surprise to see you in this aisle," he said, "Well, not you, but I mean..."

"A woman?" I offered.

"Yeah, uh...well, it's not that usual to the well, know"

By this time, I was laughing, because, yeah, I know.  I was the only well, know, in the aisle.  I was surrounded by burly contractor guys, because it's a weekday, and it's Home Depot. 

"What're you building?" he asked.

"Livestock housing" I said.

"Well good luck," he said, "more power to ya."

As I walked away, I laughed some more.  Being brought up by a woman who pretty much lived in the lumber aisles at one store or another, it's not a  big deal to me.  But yeah, I know what he meant.

After loading the lumber in the car, I took my snowy, muddy boots and my dirty jeans and sat on down.  I turned the key

---and drove straight to Jo Ann's to buy some fabric.

A study in contrasts, I am.

PS---Happy Birthday to my one and only!

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  1. Well - do you need help building? I'm all out of shanties to build here on Brimstone Hill!


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