Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh, Bad Laydee!

Deer Bad Laydee,

'Smee, Tor.

I am VEREE not happee wif yoo.  Wut is going on heer?  Wy, o wy do yoo brings thees thingses intoo my howse?

Yoo noe wut I'm talking about.  Theses:

Wut the heck, bad laydee??

Wut is those?

I fink it's an aleeun.  'S hed is rullee big.

'Snot a mowse.  'Snot a burd.  I don liek it.  It mooves funnee.  Wy is dey on the tabul?  I's not eeven allowwed on the tabul.

Dere's liek a gajilleeon of dem.  Dey's evureewhere.  So much, dat I's not feel saef.

See mee? I's hidin. Dem's scayree.

Jus when I think I can commes owt, BAM!  Dey striyk!

Heer I is, comming owt.  Feelin saef.  Not a caer in de wurld.  La la la.

Den HULLO!!!  Bad ting rite dere!!!  I has to hyde agin!!


So, maek dem go, o. k.?  No moor of de bad things in the howse. 

An definitelee NOT on de tabul.  O. K.?

Scayred, scayred Tor


  1. Dear Tor,
    You are just too cute! And tell Bad Laydee the the baby bunnies are adorable, too!
    You always make me smile!

  2. That is probably what they are really thinking!!! I read once when you bring a puppy home and your old(er) dog is like 11 she is thinking like we would think....that your husband is bringing home a girlfriend and telling us "It's ok honey...I still like you and all but you are getting a little old and I just thought..etc.etc.etc...


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