Thursday, December 20, 2012

Never Leave Kids with the Pastry Bag

So it goes like this.

I bake the gingerbread cookies, and then it's time to ice them.  So I enlist the helpers, who are more than thrilled to decorate them for me.  So I whip up the royal icing, fill two pastry bags, one for each kid, and go outside to put the animals in. When I come back, I get to see what they've made.

My instructions were "Do something simple, and don't go too crazy".  Then I did two example ones.

But then I left, see.  So they did their own thing.

When I came back, I was told my way was "boring", so they made:

A Santa

Then they gave one a shirt. 
Then they decided to give another one overalls (but they look like leiderhosen to me)
They tried pants
Then there was the inevitable unfortunate who broke three limbs. 
Then that got boring, so they made a robot 
And a cyclops.  Actually, there are quite a few of these, and I am told that my husband (the biggest child) egged them on to do it. 
I have no doubt. 
And, of course, don't forget, "Underwear Guy". 
There was one also called "Buttcheek Guy", where my daughter flipped over the cookie and drew two circles on the back for his butt.  However, I threatened to give that one to her teacher, so she ate him.
....I probably shouldn't have told you that.
So we have a band of merry misfits for cookies this year, which is completely fabulous.  Can't beat kids with imagination.  Even if it is posterior-related.  And what is this time of year but for the children?  So mission accomplished and cookies decorated.  I know I will enjoy each and every one. 
Even if I can't give any to their teachers.

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