Thursday, May 24, 2012

When It Rains, It Pours

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Why is it when bad things happen, they happen all together and when you can least afford to have them happen?

Is it a cosmic joke of some sort?  Is someone, somewhere laughing and enjoying themselves at my expense right now?

I'm not finding it funny, I can tell you that.  There is just too much bad going on right now, and I feel about ready to scream.

My son has a fever, and though he's not feeling too bad, and is acting almost like himself (just a bit warmer), I still worry.  He's my little boy. 

The chickens have discovered that I planted petunias and that they like to eat petunias.  They dug out three of my planters and ate the petunias and spilled the dirt all over the place.  They also discovered one of the perennials I just planted and ate it to the ground.

The pepper seedlings that I had ready to go into the ground have baked in the sun, despite my being very careful with them.  I have very few peppers to go into the ground now, nowhere near the number I should have had.

The greenhouse collapse that occurred on chicken butchering day was worse than I thought, and I lost a lot of little crops to that stupid calamity.  Weeks of work wasted and there's not enough going into the ground.

Minerva was loose in the yard yesterday and snapped my Winter Banana apple tree right down to the ground.  Gone, goodbye.  She must have hit it just right.

The kittens are being potty trained, and they've made lots of mistakes.  The little girl peed on the couch twice, even though she'd been shown the litter box.  All three of them seem to forget how to use the litter box after they just used it an hour ago.  I've been finding "gifts" all over the place.  No soft surface is safe.

And worst of all:  Dulci is sick.  The scours that the two of them had (she and Min) have not let up, and I'm not sure, but I think Lilly now has them too.  Though Min and Lilly are still eating and bouncing, Dulci is not.  Her scours have taken a turn for the worse, and this morning, she turned her nose up at the bottle.  I can't tell who's got scours and who doesn't anymore.  I can't figure out why anyone has it, but I'm pretty sure we've gone beyond the "change in surroundings" upset tummy.  Dulci is the worst off, so I have to take her to the vet today, and we really can't afford it.  I don't want to take her, but I don't know what's wrong, and I can see she's getting worse.  I'm hoping the vet can tell me what she thinks it is, so I can treat all of them.  I fell like I should have just stuck with chickens, and that I'm failing at goats.

All I want to do is cry.  Anyone else ever feel like that?

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  1. Bless your heart, sometimes, it seems that life and it's problems can be overwhelming. You are just in a valley right now and soon you will climb out of it. I hope your little one starts feeling better. I have to put chicken wire all over the place looks like I am in the chicken wire business instead of embroidery! Try making sure there is no odor to your cat litter box. If it smells slightly used, the cats don't want to go there. Also, you might try pet pads on the soft places. Also, cats do not like the citrus smell. You might try orange peelings or such to lay in places that you want them to stay clear of. Hang in there and know that we all go through these times and yes, it seems as if the whole sky falls in on us at once. Hope it all gets better soon!

  2. Take a moment to have a good cry; sometimes I feel better after releasing all that frustration. Thinking of you!


  3. Thank you, both of you! Your words helped. Yes, I'm going to have a good cry, but then I'm going to try some of your suggestions, Yesteryear. There has to be an up to all this down. I just have to find it.

  4. Oh good lord! No time for crying just now. The goats need to get better first, just focus on that. It is a good thing you took one to the vet. If it isn't bacterial, you may have been able to treat it yourself (they respond well to Pepto Bismol) but if it is bacterial, it can be fatal - to babies anyway. I hope you have an answer by now and that part is looking up.
    If there is ANY way to separate these things out an only focus on a few at a time it might help. Believe me, I know how frustrated you must be feeling right now.
    It really is all a learning process. Soon you will be able to predict exactly what those "gat-about" chickens will do. The sure are busy! Sorry about your plants.
    A sick child on top of it - you are in a pickle aren't you? I wish so much that I could help. Know we are thinking of you and rooting for you in blog-world. Let us know how things are.

  5. I hope things are getting better. It really does all seem to come in waves :-( I hope you have allowed yourself to cry a bit and have been doing nice things for yourself. Self-care is essential.

    Know you're in my thoughts :-)

  6. well, now...for whatever reason I chose to peruse your blog tonight...I linked here from Willow Homestead. I make those choices so randomly, but now I know why I clicked your tab...I'm having a bad goat day too...well, more like a bad day in general. All three of my boys have tapeworms and I've treated and treated and treated and they won't go away. One of them seems so bony and I'm at wits end and will probably have to see the vet and I just want to cry too. I'm so tired of following them around waiting for them to poop I could scream. The pasture is infested with chiggers and I'm all chewed up and it is hot and geez, I've got a lot of complaints.

    It has really helped reading the beautiful comments folks left for you....I'm taking those to heart.


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