Wednesday, May 9, 2012

They Don't Stand Still

Those of you with goats already know this--they don't stand still.  Not like a horse, who stands nice as you please for quite a while.  These girls are up and all over the place, and after a full day of staying inside while it poured out, they are completely bonkers.  Makes them a little difficult to photograph, but I did my best today.  Enjoy!

Lilly on her favorite rock

Minerva says hello (or she's chewing something.  Either way is good)
Dulcinea says long ears are for suckers

Short ears are where it's at. 

"What the heck, maaa!  I did NOT say that!"
Bad girls in the front garden
Lilly eating her favorite tree.  Er--one of her favorite trees.  The girl's a real tree conoisseur.
Min prefers grasses.  I guess no one told her that goats aren't grazers.
In case you were curious, Min is doing ok after her vet visit.  She started to eat in truth the next day.  Since then, I've discovered that the girls didn't care for the new grain they'd been transitioned to, and had only been eating it because their old grain was mixed in.  Once that was gone, they turned their noses up.  I remedied that by adding whole corn to their mix, which was what was in the old one.  This way they get all the vitamins and minerals they need, but they actually eat it, which is important.  They are picky!

As to Min's coughing, she still is and so is Lilly.  I have no idea why or what sets it off.  They are acting fine otherwise.  I think Min is a little under condition, so I'm working on that.  She usually gets the rest of the bottle if Dulci doesn't finish it.  She's a big baby, that one!  I was hoping the extra fat she gets (in the maybe 2 ounces that Dulci leaves) will help.  Hopefully it's not a hinderance.

Aaah, good times.  These girls are a joy to me, that's the truth. 

Have a great day!
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  1. They really are beauties. You will surely get plenty of milk from these girls. But that's not now. Right now you are just adoring them and that is what it is really all about. The milking part is just how we justify our investment.

  2. I can't wait to meet these guys. Very cute!


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