Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Joining the Ranks

Today I got what is--hands down--the noisiest package of birds from the post office.  I've gotten many packages from the post office before, but none that made this much noise.  What was in it?  Primadonna birds, of course! 

Yep, I went and bought me some fancy feathered gals.  I've got lots of really pretty working girls, but not a one of those little feathered jewels.  You know the ones--they've got the feathers on their heads and can hardly see?  More for looks than for use?  Those ladies, yep.  I thought it would be nice to have some really fancy girls running amongst my hard workers.

However, I did spring for a couple of working girls/pretty girls too.  Come on, you know enough about me to know I can't just have birds "for pretty", but I do like a bird that's pretty and useful, so here they are:

Blue Andalusians

It'll be interesting to see if they actually turn out blue, since one of them looks to me like it's white.  But whatever.  These girls should produce some nice white eggs, a color I don't have much of, and will have lovely long tails.  Fancy!

White Cochins

I've got one Black Cochin already, Abigail; aka Fat Black.  She's fairly useless and more pretty than productive.  She is nice to look at, though, so these should be nice to look at too.  Maybe they'll lay eggs as well.  Who knows?

Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

Confession:  I covet chickens the way some women covet shoes or jewelry (I said some).  This is THE chicken I have been waiting on for years.  I could never get one.  They were always sold out.  And now here they are.  I only hope they will feather out as beautifully as I hope they do.  If they turn out to be a bust, I will be heartbroken. So much pressure!!!

Now for the pretty faces.

White Silkies

Unfortunately, they only come straight run, so it's a crap shoot as to what I've got here.  The last time I bought Silkies, I got Albert and Henry.  Big disapointment, especially because Albert now hates me.  I've started calling him Senor Pecky Pants, because every time I go into "his" coop, he pecks me as much as he can.  It may have something to do with the fact that I took him to a fourth grade classroom as show and tell, but he's not talking.  He'd be a good candidate for therapy.

Anyway, these little ones are not telling what they are, so I'll have to wait to find out.  I've crossed my fingers that they are not all roosters.  That would just be too much to handle.


Bad hair day?  We'll see.  Love the spots, though.  I am always a sucker for polka dots.


Eyes are SO overrated!

And last but not least:


I don't know what color these two are.  I just went for the assorted hens, I didn't want to commit to color (too much pressure!).  We'll have to see how they turn out.  They've already won me over, though.  They are nosy and kinda pushy.  Gotta admire that in someone who weighs maybe an ounce.

The working pretty girls will reside in the big coop with the genpop when they're all grown up.

I love my big coop.  Happiness!

The fancy-schmancy girls will reside in the Little Red Coopette

Little red coopette used to be Little Maroon Coopette, but come on.  After looking at the beautiful big coop, that just didn't fly.  She looked dull as dishwater.  So I repainted her with the color I used on the front door.  Cause I like red.  And she needed a makeover.  Now she's a sexy thing, don't you think?  Perfectly appropriate for little diva birds.  Probably needs a sign, though....

Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Birds, birds everywhere!  Have a great day and stay dry.  Today it's raining rain on me, so I'm inside trying to clean my sewing room.  Good times.
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  1. Cute chicks! Love the fancy digs for the ladies!
    Raining on us too today. Stay dry!

  2. What a great assortment! And that chicken real estate is to die for!!

  3. (catching up on my blogs) LOVE your chicken coops! They are positively the prettiest coops I've ever seen! Have fun with all the little ones before they enter the gawky pin-feather stage. lol


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