Friday, January 27, 2012

Strawberry Soap Then and Now

I never did share my ugly Strawberry soap with you.  Now that I have made un-ugly soap, I feel brave enough to share.  This is the ugly soap:

Thank you, Blogger, for making this sideways
Ugly brown-pink, grainy and crap-tastic.  I blame the recipe and the colorant.  It saponified beautifully, so it's not the cook.  :)

But now, lo and behold, a new recipe, new colors, and I can hold my head up high.

Thanks again, Blogger!

Purty!  Would you like a comparison?  I would!

Vast improvement, no?  I am reinvigorated with this soapmaking "thing".  My daughter is thrilled and so am I.  My next hurdle to conquer is how to get that mold (an old brownie pan---we're very high tech around here) to turn into even-sized bars.  Right now they're sort of spastic.  One thing at a time, though.  Right?
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  1. Nice job! I'm excited to find my way in this whole soap making thing, too! However, i haven't gotten as far as you. I've made a few batches, but no colorant, no fragrance. Yet. I'll get there, though, and like to hear about people like you that have done it, too. Thanks for the inspiration!


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