Friday, January 27, 2012


The things they say are funny, aren't they?
The little boy had a science test on Wednesday, which was on plants.  The two questions he had to answer on one of the pages had three pictures of a cake rising in the oven ( just in the oven, then starting to rise, then risen) and a picture of a tulip growing (bulb in the ground, stem with leaves growing up, flower and leaves).  The directions said to look closely at the sets of pictures and then answer the questions.

1.  How is the tulip like the cake?
            A--The cake is not done.  The plant is a seed.

2.  How is the flower plant different from the cake?
            A--The flower is different from the cake because the plant grows by rain and the cake gets big
                   by hotness.

He got the first one wrong.

This reminds me of my daughter's test from last year.  That one cracked me up as well.

Apparently I have natural comedians for children.  Who knew?
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  1. I hate to argue with the teacher - but neither the tulip nor the cake were "done". He's technically correct. Both were not yet what they were to become.
    That teacher is wrong.


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