Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oh, Much Better!

As promised, I did another batch of the strawberry soap for my daughter, using a different recipe and pigment colors.  I used a white dioxide and a fuschia colorant in an in the pot swirl.  So much better!

Right now it's light, but this was a picture that was taken right as the soap came out of the pot.  The colorant I used looked like this:

Very 10 year old girl-ish, don't you think?  I was fairly generous with it, so I look forward to see what the color will be when it comes out of the mold tomorrow.  Even if it stays that light pink (which I wouldn't expect), it'll still be pretty.  It's not brown!

Stay tuned....

PS-This is my 200th post! Who knew I had that much to say?post signature


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