Thursday, December 1, 2011

'Tis the Season

(If dead mice upset you, please don't read further)

We have cats.  Five, to be exact.  Three of them are very fat and don't do much but sit on laps and the furniture and sleep all day.  That's what they're for, so they're doing their job really well.  But two of them were chosen because they were never really going to be lap-sitters like the other three.  You can tell with cats whether or not they'll go that way, and these two were not.  Though they LOVE to be inside, and can be pet and skritched, they really feel the need to go out and do what cats do, which is to kill mice.  Since that's what we got them for, I won't argue.  They do their jobs admirably. 

In the past few weeks, however, they've turned from catching and eating the mice to just killing the mice, and then leaving them as a present at the door.  See?

Maybe it's the time of the year?  Are they Christmas presents, perhaps?  Today I got two mice, one from each, since both cats were outside the door, wanting to come in when I got up.  Really, it's quite thoughtful of them.  They're already gift wrapped in their fur, and they're definitely put where I can't miss them (I've stepped on a few).  If I had some sort of weird inclination to do it, I could probably be on my way to a mouse-skin hat by now, with all the mice I've gotten already.  So really, it's quite touching. 

They do a good job.  I am thankful, since every mouse they catch is another that doesn't come into the house or eat the livestock feed, and that can only be a good thing.  So, credit where credit is due.  I present to you mousers-extraordinaire:


 and Dave

Now for the other characters in this cast.

Finn, whose favorite pastime is walking past me as I sit here and type and stepping on the keyboard,

Percy, who is pretty and loves belly skritches,

And Sam, doing what comes most naturally to him; eating.

And all together (to eat--shock!)

So today, in honor of the lovely "gifts" I got this morning, I say hooray for cats!  Where would a homesteader be without them?
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  1. I have heard that cats bring "presents" to the cat at the top of the hierarchy, so maybe your mousers have high regard for your authority and are hoping to win your good favor (and more belly scritches!) Or maybe they're like one of mine, who brings me his (toy) mouse so I will throw it because he likes to play fetch :)

    Adorable inside cats too - my two are also primarily lap sitters, though neither of them are very good at it unless you're wearing soft, fuzzy clothing.

    Love the post!

  2. Hi Jocelyn, thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!
    I actually let my DOG kill a mouse in the chicken scratch bucket the other day. I hate killing them, in fact I had a catch & release trap ready, but dang it, I've been sick and didn't want to have to drive anywhere to release it far enough away not to have it just come right back in...
    I've heard that chickens will also chase and kill mice!
    I made my daughter take her cat with her when she moved out- because mouse and rabbit-killing cats seems to me, will probably become chicken-killing cats! How do you know, out of so many cats, that they won't get your chickens?

  3. Yay for cats!! I have mice as well and adore my cats for keeping the numbers down. But sometimes, they are a little slow on the job..have a mouse trap in my kitchen now after discovering a shit load (pardon the pun) of their poop in a corner. Hate, hate mice!!


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