Thursday, December 22, 2011

End of the Year Preparations

No, you didn't miss Christmas.  Nope, it's not New Year's Eve yet.  It's Winter Solstice!  Today is the shortest day of the year.  Ahhh, solstice.  It only gets better from here. 

On this day, I will plan my garden for next year.  I have discovered this tool:  I think Mother Earth News has the same one.  If you haven't used it, you can use it for free, and I really recommend it.  You can put plants where you want them, plan bed sizes, move things around easily, and it comes with a lot of good information about the plants themselves and some companions for them.  You can also access a handy chart that tells you the best times to plant them inside and out for your area--something I always have trouble with.  It also tells you the spacing on each plant, so you don't crowd them or do what I did last year--plant too few.  I love this tool, honestly.  I like the graph paper/pencil method as well, but this is so much easier.   And the fact that it tells you how many of each to plant is invaluable.  I always have trouble with that.

Speaking of how many plants to plant, it's also a good day to go over seed inventories.  I started last night making a spreadsheet of seeds that I already have and their quantities.  I know what I have enough of, and what I have too few of.  It helps me to know what I should order, when I start to look through seed catalogs (my favorite!).

So yep, a little organization today.  Then moving wood to the woodpile, so long as it doesn't rain.  A busy day.  I'd better get started!

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