Thursday, December 8, 2011

Order to Chaos (Part 2)

Look!  The food is in jail!

Okay, obviously not.  I built the walls the other day.  Did I ever mention I hate building?  I think I may have.  Yet, I am always building something.  You do what you need to when you homestead, like it or not.

My husband did help me stand up the large wall on the left, and I did the small ones in the front on my own.  I got lots of exercise, since the chop saw is out in the garage and the pantry is in the basement.  Up the stairs, down the stairs.  It probably would have been easier if the floor was--I dunno-LEVEL, so every stud could have been the same length, but that was not to be.  Probably wouldn't have been as much "fun", right?  Oh, and "measure twice, cut once" is a great thing to remember--unless you like stair work.

There will be shelves on the left long wall and the short left wall.  I wiped Home Depot out of shelf brackets and made a nice dent in their shelf supply.   

To finish, the shelves need to go up, my husband has promised me a light, and then it needs to be sheet rocked on the outside, so things don't fall off the shelves and so it's a proper room.  Sheetrock will probably have to wait, though, since we just spent $600 on a septic tank pumping. 

A bit at a time, right?  I am really looking forward to this getting done.  I have tons of things to put in it.  Yeay for organization!
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