Friday, September 23, 2011

The Tails Tell the Tale

You might remember here, that I had read about a new, foolproof way to tell which chicks were boys and which were girls.  If the chicks had 3/4" tails at two weeks, they were a hen.  If they had 1/4" tails, they were a rooster.  Everyone pretty much had tails except for Walnut, a little brown chick.  So, three girls and one boy, by this way of telling.
Yeah.....not so much.  Now the chicks are 9 weeks old, and their tails are telling me a very different story.

The little brown chicks, who had no tails or very small tails (one especially) at the time are turning out to have hen's tails, if you can see her in the back here.  The white ones, who had tails at the time and should have been girls, are turning out to look like roosters.  Do those look like sickle feathers to anyone else?

I'd almost place my bets on two roosters and two hens here, but I still have to wait.  The one in the first picture, though, I'd 100% say rooster.  The comb is red, the feathers are curved on top, and he usually is leading the pack.  The other white looks like a rooster to me, too, but he's slower maturing. 

Only time will tell.  But I think we can cross this method off the list!
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  1. Its so hard to tell at this stage, isn't it? I also have crossed off using tails as a method of detecting gender early since I was sure our chicken Mary Ellen would be a rooster since she had a bushy tail early on and her sister did not. They both turned out to be hens.


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