Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bad, Bad Fiddler!

I have a confession to make.  I haven't fiddled since mid July.  Bad, bad me!  In all fairness, it's due to this:

My bow broke!!  WAAAHH!

It was always sort of going, but one day, it just went.  And though it's still holding onto the strings, they're not tight enough and the bow pitch is awkward, and it's just squeaky sounding no matter what I do.  And I'm squeaky enough without the bow adding to it, let me tell you.  It gets depressing to hear myself worse than I actually am (and I'm not that amazing to begin with).

However, I did take the fiddle out this afternoon to show her some love.  I tuned her and squeaked away and I have to say, that though I sounded pretty bad, I didn't forget most of the fingerings and I played the songs I already knew pretty smoothly.  Yeay!

So there's hope yet.  I guess I'll have to grow a stomach for the squeak until I can afford a new bow.  Then I'll squeak as per my usual instead of doubly so. 


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