Friday, August 5, 2011

Place Your Bets!

I've read a lot over time about how to sex a chick.  Other than flipping them over and telling that way (which you need to be trained for, apparently), I've heard that you can tell by how they act when you pick them up, how they act when you flip them over, and how they act when they are frightened.  None of it is accurate, in the least.  I've discovered that a really punky hen-to-be acts a lot like a rooster-to-be, and in fact, roosters act like little wimps for quite a while.  Case in point: we have 3 roosters.  Two are big guys, now, crowing and the whole nine yards.  They STILL run like little girls when the older hens chase them.  So really, what does that say?
Attitude, in my experience, doesn't count for much.  So I was intrigued when I came across a little blurb in Backyard Poultry about a man who SWEARS that you can sex chicks by the size of their tails at 2 weeks.  He insists that the hens will have 3/4" tails and the males will have 1/4" tails.  He says it's accurate 100% of the time.  That's quite a claim, so hey, let's go with it.  By looking at the little ones' tails, my prediction is that 3 of them are hens, and 1 of them is a rooster.  Everyone but Walnut has a little tail sticking straight out.  His (if he's a him) is little and short.

Let's do this; if you know of a way to sex chicks other than flipping them over, tell me and I'll do it (unless it will hurt the chicks, obviously).  Let's see what the different "tests" come up with as results, and then let's see who actually turns out to be a girl or a boy.  I would love to see the accuracy of these things.  If nothing else, it'll be fun.

If you've got a method, let me know!  I'm ready to begin.
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  1. I'll be learning from you, as I haven't a clue!

    : )



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