Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bright Blue, Baby!

There's something new here getting all the attention lately.
It's big, it's VERY blue, and it seems to be very interesting.

Everyone's been around to check it out.

Can you see who's inside?

Hello!?? Trying to sleep here! 
It's a cat house!  Completely made from scraps and leftovers, right down to the paint!  I am super happy with it, mostly because the roof came out the right way, instead of half-assed and crooked, which is my normal building style.  Yeay!

The kittens need a place to get out of the rain and a place to sleep out of the sun.  Mostly they hide under the bar-b-que, but that's just not cool and they could get hurt.  So I built them a place of their own.

I just hope they use it. 
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  1. Nice job! Nice color! Isn't that the pillow from inside the house??? (GASP!) What will the "inside" cats use??


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