Friday, August 19, 2011

So It CAN Produce Food!

Who knew?  After the potato failure, and the lack of zucchini and beans (which are two things that never fail to produce) this year, I figured the garden was a total failure and I'd lost my touch.  But today I went into the garden and look!

Food!  Actual food!  Who knew?

This entire time, I've been pulling out one or two green beans, maybe a small tomato here and there, I think I got four zucchinis in total, and today it was like payday.

Then I looked around and saw that the tomato plants are loaded, the eggplants are huge (which I NEVER get), the beans are flowering like it's going out of style and finally starting to take over their teepee, and there are pumpkins all over the place.  Oh, and the raspberry plants are laden with berries.

Maybe I haven't quite lost my touch.  This year is in no way turning out the way I'd hoped, but maybe it'll still be salvagable (watch; we all get a killing frost next week.  Wouldn't that teach me a lesson!).
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  1. wow - look at all your tomatoes! We still haven't gotten any ripe ones yet. Also I love your garden harvest bin! :)

  2. So glad you were able to gather something from the garden...perhaps you will have a late harvest. BTW, your potatoes turned out far better than mine which were pea size before they dried up and died.


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