Saturday, January 25, 2014

It Wouldn't Be Winter Without....

....some sort of farm animal recouperating in the living room.  Now, would it?

I found this little lass huddled up in the bottom of the coop this afternoon when I did the rounds.  Seems she'd been picked on and her comb was bleeding.  She's not putting any weight on one foot, so I'm thinking a chicken splint of some sort may be in order.  However, she did eat a little and drank quite a bit.  She's currently in this old box in front of the wood stove warming up.  I have some hope for her, as she's perked up a little since she came in, but she's still pretty peaky looking to me.

We'll have to see how it goes.

When I found her in the coop, I considered just leaving her be, and letting nature take it's course.  Frankly, I was kind of surprised at myself.  Seems I've been looking too much at the "big picture" lately, and not attending the little things, because if I was, I wouldn't have hesitated. 

She's under my care, after all.  My responsibility.

Seems I may be a little out of practice with compassion. 

Well, time to flex those "muscles" again.  Winter makes me want to hibernate--in more ways than one.  But I think that with this little girl's help, maybe I can pull out of it.  And I can pull her through as well. 

That'd be my hope.  Maybe we'll pull each other through.

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  1. Bless you real good. That's my old friend and do-it-yourself vet that I remember. The winter is very wearing on us too. The wind is nearly driving me out of my mind.

  2. It is a constant struggle isn't it? It is the right thing...I went out in a 5 degree windchill to wrap blankets and tarps around our rooster tractor...I kept muttering "but we're going to eat them," but the "my responsibility" part obviously won.

  3. Not it shouldn't be winter without a critter in the house in need! Can't escape it.


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