Thursday, January 2, 2014

Batten Down the Hatches!

So it seems 2014 is coming in with a bang--we're expecting a major snowstorm here, starting today and going into tomorrow, with temps below zero.  Fun, fun.  Today I will spend a lot of time getting cracks and crevices blocked up so everyone is comfortable and safe.  No small task, but very necessary.

I haven't had a chance to really think about what I'd like to accomplish this year as of yet.  Actually, I've spent this past week finishing projects, and putting away the Christmas decorations.  Is it just me, or is putting away the Christmas tree just unbelievably sad?  That little tree gets to be like a member of the family in a way, and when it's lit up, the whole room is warm.  But as the month goes on, and the holiday ends, it's time to part, and we eventually de-decorated it and take ours out to feed to the goats, who appreciate it quite a bit.  But the room looks lonelier to me. 


Anyway, before I get to working on getting everyone settled and insulated, I would like to share some pics of the projects I've finished.  Here goes!

Project number 8:

Two little snowmen candlestick holders.  These were also sitting in the closet from 15 years ago, waiting to be painted.  Done!
Project 9:

This is a pattern from Mary Corbet's Needle and Thread, which I've loved forever, but never got to.  She designed them as a hanging, but I have nowhere to hang them, so I improvised.

Project 10:

This was not on my list.  I saw a pretty Dresden Plate Christmas quilt, and wanted to do one like it.  But I didn't have enough of any fabric to do it, just bits and pieces, so I settled for a small table thing, and used the little bits and pieces.  It looks nothing like the project that inspired it, but I like it quite a lot.

Project 11:

I designed this quilt years ago, based on an Amish design, of which I am a big fan.  I then set out to find all the fabrics, which I eventually did.  It's been a pile of fabric with a picture of the quilt on it for years and years.  I finally took the dang thing out of the drawer it was in, cut it, pieced it, and then quilted it.  It came out well.  I think the stuff's been hanging out since 2006 or 2007, so it was about time!

Project 12:

I dunno....can you tell it was windy yesterday?   Maybe?

This one was pieced and sitting and sitting and sitting.  It's huge, like a twin size, so that's why.  I was feeling brave after finishing the blue quilt, so I figured I'd take the initiative and get it done.  What a pain in the rear!  If you've ever quilted a large quilt on a home sewing machine, you know what I mean.  I stuffed this thing under my machine mercilessly until it was done.  My shoulders still ache.  And the scalloped border was a pain in the butt.  But it's done!  And it's no longer laughing at me, taunting me to finish, which it's done since maybe 2008 or so.  So there, quilt!  Take that!

There is one more quilt to show you, but I didn't take a picture.  I will get there!

So...done and done.  Someone asked me, or commented a while ago, about what to do with projects I don't like anymore.  Do I finish them anyway? 

Nope.  In fact, I just found a small quilt top that I must have done at some point, and I hate it.  I threw it away.  I will do that with the small tops (sometimes I'll use them for the animals or as scrap as well), but if it's a larger top, I will find someone to give it to, who may finish it.  Quite a few tops over the years have gone to charity for that reason.  If I like the top but I don't love it and don't feel it's worth quilting, I might turn it into something else.  I did that with a Halloween quilt once--I liked it, but not enough to quilt, so I turned the edges under and made it a tablecloth.  And once I finished a quilt, realized I hated it, so I then used it as the "batting" to another quilt.  Yeah, the damn thing's heavy as heck.  But at least the ugly quilt was useful. 

So no, I don't feel beholden to finish every project I start, especially if I no longer like it.  It gets tricky when it's a cross stitch project, because there are SO MANY HOURS involved in those, throwing them out is not so simple.  I have a couple now that I really need to think about, as I don't like them, may not finish them, and don't really want them anymore.  It may just come down to passing them along to someone who will like them.  But with the quilts, I'll just donate them or toss them.  I have SO many quilts, some stupid number of them that's completely ridiculous.  Sewing is my creative outlet, so if I get an idea, I make it.  That leads to a lot of quilts.  Everyone's bed has a quilt, my kids have quilts I made for them additionally, there are quilts all over the dang place.  So parting with a few along the way that I don't like is no big deal.

And as I've told my husband, when I die, he can have one hell of a yard sale.

....or one hell of a bonfire.

His choice.

Stay warm, my friends!

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  1. Really nice projects. I have never been a quilter so I am sure I don't really appreciate what goes into them, but they sure are pretty! Stay safe and warm.


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