Saturday, July 7, 2012

Update on the Visitor

We lost him.  I had noticed that yesterday all he/she did was breathe really heavily all day, which is not good.  Last night, though he'd been acting fairly normal all day, he began to shut down.  He stopped opening his/her eyes, and didn't call to eat.

I noticed a small hole under one wing--seems someone had gotten to him.  The damage was small, which is how I missed it. 

Anyway, he shut down totally this morning, and just lay and got ready to go.  And that was it.

Poor little bubbaloo.  I tried.
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  1. How sad. In these instances it always comforts me to know at least he/she was as comfortable as possible and really didn't die alone. Thank you for trying and for caring. Bless you really good.

  2. Oh Michaele, thank you! I'm thankful he/she didn't die outside yesterday in the heat, with two big cats around him. At least he/she had a comfy little nest. I hope that was some solice to the little one.


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