Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Door Swings Both Ways

Well, you know I just finished reading through all the comments on my last post, and I've gotta tell you--I am just tickled!  Thank you all so much for your kind words.  They mean so much.

However, the door swings both ways on this, you know.  I am constantly inspired by all of you, and I am so glad to know you all!  Thank you for coming on over to see what I'm up to, but thank you more for letting me see what you're up to.  I'm glad that, though we all live far apart, and we've never met in person, we all have a common bond.  I think that's wonderful and hard to find in this crazy world.  And you know, we've all got to stick together.  Can't let the menfolk have all the fun!

So thank you all again.  I think you're all wonderful, too, and I'm very glad we met.


I thought I'd share with you a picture of today's harvest.  Not because someone got in there before me and pecked my zucchini, but because of those oddly shaped purple things in the upper righthand corner.  Could those be....................POTATOES????

Oh my gosh, I think they are!!!!

Well, bust my buttons, there are potatoes in thar!  Though it is too early to harvest, I thought I'd dig a little in one corner just to see.  Since my massive potato failure last year, I've been feeling in need of redemption.  Maybe I might--just might--have it?  We'll have to see. 

(Watch, those are the only potatoes in the whole bed.  That'll teach me to shoot my mouth off)
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  1. Beautiful harvest....I see dinner. Isn't that the most fantastic feeling....coming in from the garden, basket in hand, with dinner. I haven't been to the store in weeks.

  2. My potato plants seemed to be getting very wilty in spite of the sprinklers so I decided to dig a few hills up. I got about a dozen or so - and i thought it was too early too!!!! Must be a good year for potatoes!
    Wish I could say the same thing about corn....

  3. LOL! I'm worried about my own potatoes too! I culled a few a week ago and wasn't too impressed with them, and I'm worried the whole crop is itty bitty round things that can't even pass for 'new' or 'baby' potatoes! Yours look very promising; redemption on the way? :) Nice looking harvest! So fresh and pretty! So yummy!


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