Wednesday, April 25, 2012


You wouldn't know it to look at my kitchen counters (or dining room table), but I'm a stickler for organization.  Everything has a place, or it should.  When it comes to my animals, I am very organized.  I have a bin for syringes, one for meds, and one for first aid.  Outside, everyone has their own color-coded tub with their feed in it, and yes, the scoop is matching color-coded as well. 

It's a thing.  I can't help it. 

The other thing I have is keeping records about the animals.  I use black and white notebooks.  I usually fill the first pages with information that I learned from books about the type of animal, because yes, I study the animal's needs before I invest.  That's a thing too.

After all the information, I keep records as to what happened that day, or who hatched what, or what is going on.  I do this because there is just no way I'm going to remember it all.  My head's too full, and stuff just leaks out.  I have found that keeping a notebook for each type of animal is what works for me.  But the black and white notebooks are ugly, so I cover them.  I cover them according to what animal's information is inside, so they are all different, and at a glance I can see which one I'm going for.  Plus, they look much nicer on the bookshelf.   I was pretty proud about my last fabric findings, do you want to see?

I've had this one a while:

Chickens, obviously.  This is an oldie, but a goodie.  I no longer update it as faithfully as I once did, as I'm an "old hand" at chicken wrangling, but I do record new members and hatch dates and such. 

Then there's this one:
Ducks.  It was so hard to find a duck fabric that was NOT wild mallards and hunting, so I went for this one, with the little ducklings on it.  My daughter loves it.  However, ducks were not as hard to find as fabric for this one:
Geese.  Yep, there's not a goose on it.  I could not find a fabric with a domestic goose on it to save my life.  Americans just don't equate geese with farm animals, I guess.  I had to go with the goose feather theme instead.  Don't think it doesn't bug me.  It does.

Speaking of bugs:
Bees.  Yep, even though my bees all flew to Mexico or were abducted by aliens, they have a notebook.  We will re-bee next year, I think.  Hopefully it will go better.

This was my latest find, and let me tell you, I was psyched!!

Goats!  Like you couldn't tell, right?  How exciting is this?  Stupid fabric is so expensive now, I hardly buy any, but when I saw this I had to buy a little to cover my notebook.  This notebook has the potential to be the fattest one I own, because there is a tremendous amount I don't know about goats and their care is quite a bit more complicated than a chicken's.  Nothing like a challenge to shake up life, huh?

There is one more, and it's slightly irreverent, but I could not resist. 

I warned you...

Meat Birds.  I know, it's just wrong.  Now you know a little more about me than you did-I have a wicked sense of humor (and I'm super sarcastic, but that never comes out in writing well). 

I'm thinking I'll be putting the turkeys in here as well, but I'm not sure.  Most are destined for the table, but I do intend to keep a couple, so I'll have to see.  Anyone know where I can find a turkey fabric?
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  1. Love your meat bird cover!!! That's fabulous :D

    Great organizing, too! Your notebook-per-animal-type is a wonderful way to keep things straight - I'm going to have to remember that when hubby and I get some animals.

    Thanks for making my day!


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