Friday, April 6, 2012

Ellie's Belly

Poor Ellie.  She's almost there now, and boy, has this pregnancy been something.  Last week, she was a mushy mushpot, purring constantly, wanting affection, sitting in laps (which she NEVER does).  But in the last few days, she's exhausted, sitting down a lot, sleeping more and being really touchy.  Pregnancy hormones.  You just can't win.

I don't think she's found a spot she likes.  I don't know if she will.  The last few days saw her going outside, coming inside, trying this place, that place, but nothing seemed to work for her.  It probably didn't help at all that the kids are noisy, and they want to pet her all the time.  She was looking for a little privacy, and couldn't seem to find it.  She was annoyed when someone tried to touch her, and slept wherever she could.  Today, she's laying down every few minutes and sleeping.  She still wants to eat, but when she gets the food, she doesn't really want any. 

So I think we're about there, and there's just a little time left to wait.  Because I want to savor these moments, I took a couple of pictures of Ellie.  Her belly is SO big, and she'll never do this again, so it seemed the time to take pictures.  You know, because maybe she'd like a scrapbook someday.  :)

This seems to be her preferred position today--down.

The babies look like saddlebags when she walks.  This isn't the best picture, because she was turning, but I think you get the idea.  Sometimes it looks like they're standing up in there!

If you've ever been pregnant, you can sympathize with Ellie.  I remember feeling the way she felt, and I only had one at a time.  As is the rule, when mama relaxes, the babies wake up.  This was certainly true last night, and the babies (however many there are) were doing acrobatics in her belly as she tried to sleep.  I caught a little bit on film.  They are active!

Poor Ellie.  In the words of Tom Petty, "The waaayyyyyting is the harrrrrrdeeeesssst parrrrrt".

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  1. Oh lord have mercy... poor Ellie!

    At least this adds to my "reasons to only have bunnies" list. She looks like that guy from "Alien"!! :-O

  2. Oh wow! I've never had a pregnant kitty, having one in heat was bad enough! Poor Ellie, she must be ready for them to come out NOW. Thanks for the video, that was fun to watch!


  3. Oh those kittens were dancing!!

  4. She's going to have a lot of kitties! Have fun! Spring is in the spring babies!

  5. OH Ellie's kittens will be super duper cute once they're born. Wow, I watched the short video clip and they really were active!!! Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  6. How fun that is that you videoed them : )
    I was trying to feel baby goats tonight, but all I felt was the digestive process : )


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