Thursday, May 26, 2011

And the Nest Sits Empty

We've come to the conclusion of the Ginger saga.

Ginger sat, pretty much alone, for 30 days.  She fluffed her nest, she turned her eggs, she got down very rarely.  Unfortunately, it was to no avail.  For a long time, I would try to see in her eggs.  I put them on the candler not long ago, and I couldn't see a thing.  I thought this was a good sign.  But then today, the eggs really started to smell.  So I took them, little by little, and candled them in different positions until I could finally see through them.

It was not pretty.

No air sac, no sign of life.  Just putrid liquid.  They were all the same.  Since they smelled pretty bad on the outside, I could only imagine what they'd smell like on the inside.  I didn't want to take the chance.  I walked them, a few at a time, to the wooded side of the property, and broke them open.

Why?  Because I had to see what was inside, that's why.  Closure, you can call it.

Well, I can tell you, it was green and slimy, and holy cow, the smell almost made me toss my cookies.  I am glad I didn't throw them in the garbage.  And I'm very glad I walked them to a far end of the property. 

All that remains of Ginger's eggs
So, not the ending I was hoping for.  As for Ginger, she saw me take the last egg right from underneath her, and she didn't bat an eye.  She got down soon after it was removed, and joined the gaggle again.  She did go check quickly on the nest once or twice afterwards, but I think it was out of habit more than anything else.   She seemed pretty happy to be eating and moving around normally again. 

She's very young--not even a year old.  It would have been a real surprise if this had worked out.  Still, I am disappointed for her.  She tried really hard.  Maybe next year.
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  1. Poor Ginger. She tried really hard. Seems a shame after all that work, and all that sitting out in awful weather. Hope she's happy to be back with the rest of the gang - maybe Arthur will let her "adopt" one of his girls.


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