Monday, December 27, 2010

First Snow

 We've had our first snow.  Not our first as a family, but our first as a farm.

I need snowpants!!!  Dunno why I thought I'd get away without them.

It was a doozy, too.  A few trees fell, one cracked as we watched.

Pretty much spent the morning hours digging out the animals and bringing food and water.  It was very cold, and the wind took our breaths away.

Some of us dealt with the snow by refusing to deal with it at all.

No, they did not come out all day.  Yes, I did cater to them in their too small house.  It just proved to me that they definitely need bigger digs this spring.

Others of us waited for the path to be cleared and then ran right to the puddle, yelling all the way.  They ate al fresco, puddle-side.


One would have thought it would be too cold for puddle-lingering, but it wasn't.  Though two of the four were visibly shivering, they did not come out.  However, they did "wise up" and spend a bit of time warming their feet in the snow...

...and quite a few hours under the deck, where they were more than happy to allow me to crawl in and bring them a bucket of nice warm water, and some warm oatmeal/corn mash.

I was thankful today that I had trained them on oatmeal through the fall, because it came in handy today.   They had a nice oatmeal/corn mix in the afternoon, and for dinner, everyone (including the snow-bound girls) had an oatmeal-cabbage-cooked potato-feed dinner served with a side dish of warm water.  Mmmmm!!!    The meal should keep their "generators" lit all night.

Just one more trip outside now to button everyone up and find the food and water dishes so they don't get covered in snow, and we're all in for the night.  It was a good day overall.  Definitely a different experience than just worrying about getting our car free and our driveway clear (though we had to do that, too), but totally worth it.  I look forward to tomorrow.

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