Monday, June 16, 2014

Completely Adorable Goat Kids (TM)

Dear Sir or Madam;

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of two (2) Completely Adorable Goat Kids TM, which arrived on time, May 30th.  As promised, they are a girl and boy and they are Completely Adorable.  However, I may have spotted an issue with your inspection process, which I feel the need to point out. 

Understand this is not criticism--I have been very happy with the Goat KidsTM so far.  It is true what you say in the ads--  Just add milk-they grow like weeds!  They certainly do just that.  It is also true that they seem to be made of rubber and mattress springs.  Though I haven't done a close examination, they do bounce higher and faster than any others I've seen.  They are friendly, sweet, and soft.  However, though I know that the customer cannot chose color or ear type, the assumption was always that if I were to ordered a matched set, they would, indeed, with only minor discrepancies, be a matched set.  This is where something went wrong, Completely Adorable Goat Kid Company, and I felt I should point it out.

If you would indulge me, I have included pictures to illustrate my point.  Here is the female Completely Adorable Goat KidTM, and she is Completely Adorable.  Note her beautiful markings and bright eyes, and her ears like airplane wings, which, of course, make her Completely Adorable.

The male Completely Adorable Goat KidTM, however, seems to have not been inspected as thoroughly before leaving the factory.  He is also beautiful and bouncy, fun and sweet, but's his ears.  I think there's been a mistake.

One ear seems to be going up, while the other is definitely pointing down!  This "flaw" was not visible for the first two weeks--in fact, it looked like he would have "down" ears or "airplane" ears when he grew up.  However, that is not the case.  I definitely looks as if either two different ear types were attached at the factory, or there was a problem with the manufacturing of the ears during milling.

This is not a criticism.  He is Completely Adorable, and I'm thankful to have him.  Obviously his ear "flaw" only makes him more unique.  But he is not truly matching the other of his matched pair, and having ears that both went the same way was just more expected.  I would suggest you review your inspection procedures to prevent this from happening again, in case you have unhappy customers in the future. 

Thank you for your time and attention,

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  1. I envy your skill at writing letters! And, this is the best letter EVER - useful feedback for Lilly *ahem* Completely Adorable Goat KidsTM company :D


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