Friday, May 30, 2014

It's Like Deja Vu All Over Again

**Spoiler Alert!!**

You may have already seen this post.  Or have you? 

Lilly has given birth.  And I swear it's like last year, minus the dirt.

Last year's two babies from Lilly, one boy and one girl:

Boy on the right, girl on the left

Little boy

Little girl (Tallulah)
This year's two from Lilly (hold onto your seats):
Little boy on the right, little girl on the left

Little boy (looking demony because of the flash)

Little girl
Haven't I seen this show before????

I could swear my life's been running re-runs on me.

Notable differences?  The girl was born first this time.  And it was done inside, in the birthing pen.   That was a great change.  :)

So....introducing Lilly's new crop o'babies, born 9:30 this morning, and who are quite obviously Stewart's offspring.  That boy has some strong genes. 

Congrats to the proud parents!

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  1. Wonderful!!!! A huge congrats to you, Lilly and Stewart!!!!

  2. Mom and babies doing well! Wonderful.


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