Sunday, February 23, 2014

Yep, That's How It Goes.

Went out to get Minerva for her foot trimming. 

She was wearing an accessory. 

0 points for style, but at LEAST 100 points for getting it over her own head and under one leg--it's quite the feat.

No, I didn't put it on her.  She put it on herself.  She must have lifted it off of the hooks hanging near the pen and somehow got it on.

In all fairness, Minerva's quite the fashion-forward goat.  She LOVES to wear things.  If I am wearing a hat, she will pull it off and not leave it alone until I put it on her head.  Then she looks very happy and will wear it for quite a while.  Same with scarves.  She'll nibble it until I put it on her.  Then she stops.

She's gone after my shoes, probably for the same reason, but there are limits.

Never a dull moment!

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  1. I am sure she is quite proud of herself. Goats will do anything for attention, even amongst themselves.

  2. Ha!
    our animals are quite funny aren't they?
    that is so funny about your goat-- she looks good in RED.
    I guess she is what they would call a "FALL" and every stylish goat knows that a FALL goat always looks good in Red!

  3. glamorous goat!
    love this animals too - they are gorgeous :-)

  4. She looks lovely in red ! lol


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