Saturday, September 21, 2013


We live in the woods.  In case you had forgotten, I am reminding you, which is necessary to preface this story.

Woods=coyotes, raccoons, snakes, big bugs, frogs, weasels, mink (we also have water), squirrels, and blah blah blah.  Lots of predators, lots of chances for something to do something I would really they rather not.

Last night, we heard someone's hounddog going bonkers.  This happens from time to time, and usually means coyotes.  Coyotes like to take my ducks and chickens and whatnot, but at night, everyone is locked in, so I wasn't worried about it.  However, a bonkers dog can also mean bears.  Big, black ones.  We've got 'em, and the first time I saw one, I didn't actually see it.  Rather, I saw my geese, who are LOUD, shut up and run like their butts were on fire.  When I saw what they were running was a bear.  Since then, they've been up and down the backyard and in the woods, and they look at me, I look at them, and they steal someone else's garbage.

Well, last night, that bonkers dog meant bears.  Who came to Chicken Scratch for the first time ever to have a snack.  Want to know what he/she ate?  This:

That, my friends, is what it looks like when a big, hulking black bear kinda dude/dudette decides that what you've got is DEEEEELICOUS and hunkers down for a nice meal.

It ain't pretty.  So far, I am only able to clean up the smaller yellow hive, as the girls within are less aggressive than the green hive.  The green hive wants me dead, no matter if I am trying to help or not.  So I will wait until sundown, hope they are a little sleepy, smoke the hell out of them, and put them back together.  Today, after I am done butchering broilers, I will need to research how to keep my bear friend out of my beehives.  Then I will have to enact that thing.

And there you go.  A first for me.  Never let it be said that this life isn't always interesting or a learning experience, because it certainly is.  It never gets dull, and that's what I love.  'Till next time!

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  1. Oh my word!
    I'd have never in a million years had thought of this happening. This is amazing, on so many levels. I just can't imagine.
    I know what it feels like to lose chickens to 4 legged creatures of the night. But Bees!?
    I'm dumb-founded.
    Hope you can figure a way to deter the bear, while detaining and wrangling the bees.
    I guess you could put them in some type of coop? with Chicken wire around it? They could still get in and out to do their thing; while still keeping the bears away, right?
    You have to post about this and let us know how you dealt...

  2. Oh NO! Say it isn't SO. Annie - get your gun!

  3. Oh NO! We are constantly dealing with predators in TX and since everything here bites, stings, pokes, and otherwise extrudes poison when it isn't eating chickens, eggs, and anything else it can get we are constantly on high alert, but Holy Cow! I never even thought about bears. I guess I should be grateful we don't have to worry about them.

    I hope your hive calms down and gets itself back together.

  4. OH NO! I didn't see that coming. Love the way you write the story and then wham... disaster. You are right though, it is always an adventure and surely never boring!!

  5. Funny that you mentioned your geese actually shut up and run. Mine seem to honk a lot, all the time, so I've sort stopped paying attention. Same thing with my dog, who barks when a barncat rounds the corner. Here's hoping I can tell the "bear in the barnyard" animal alarms over the normal, daily noises! Hope you're able to get your hives back in shape!!


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