Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Let it Snow, Let it Snow

It snowed again, and there's no school today for the kids, which means by 12 or so, they'll be bored, and I'll be looking for things for them to do.


It's ok, though.  I've been working, and as much as I need to do so, I am glad for the day to catch up a little.  
Minerva, snow goat.

On Sunday, I'm going to go check out a buckling to see if he'll fit with my girls.  This guy:

Isn't he handsome?  I am very excited about him.  As you can tell by the ears, he's a Nubian, and he comes from good lines.  I think he will add a lot of good to our homestead, so I'm hoping he'll be a good fit.  I have ordered him his own collar and harness, in anticipation.  Not that I'm looking forward to meeting him or anything.

Not that I like goats, or anything.

Nah, not me.

I remain very impartial.

I will definitely let you know. 

Minerva A La Mode

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  1. Looks like a nice buck. I don't know anything about goats though. I hope that things work out for you! And I look forward to seeing some kids too! I think goats are cute!

  2. That little buckling does look good AND we love, love, love our nubians. We have a nubian buck and a mini-mancha buck...the mini is hyper and crazy and spends half his time mounting me or the wether, Jasper. But Rhett B. our nubian is very gentle and calm. He stands still for petting and loves to have his cheeks rubbed. He is already close to outweighing me, but I can lead him on a leash, administer meds, check his hooves, etc. without much of a reaction. Our Nubian does are the same. I don't know that much about goats, but I would recommend Nubians highly.

  3. The snow looks nice. If it has to snow it might as well get the job done. Yay for snow days! The buck looks nice! Even nicer is that he won't be much of a problem for awhile yet. Kiss him lots while you still want to.


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