Saturday, November 27, 2010

Goose in the Bathroom

Well, Ginger is doing eh, which is not a word, but the best way I can think to describe how she is doing.  She has been eating and drinking and talking, all good signs, but she is still keeping herself apart from the others and her wing is very swollen.  I think it's time for antibiotics, so I have ordered some, and will have to administer them when they come.  Fun fun.  I guess I'll be drawing on whatever I'd learned LONG ago at the vet's office.  In the meantime, I have been trying to take care of her wing externally, which can be difficult with Frick and Frack always in the way.  Yesterday I wanted to let her have a bath in their pool, but one thing and another came up, and it never happened.  Still wanting her to bathe, I brought her inside.

So there was a goose in the bathroom for a while.

The good news was that since she was away from the others, she attempted to groom.  She has not been doing that, which is why I brought her in.  Every goose needs to groom.  It's in their blood.  She's seem defeated since she's been injured, mostly because (I think) she hasn't been able to flap like a nut or groom or sleep with her head under her wing.  I was trying to help her feel better--like a little goose pick-me-up.  I had given her the bathtub to sit in, all by herself, and I think she appreciated it. 

Before you go ick, you should know that geese are the cleanest farm animal there is.  They don't carry mites or fleas like chickens can, unless they are kept in the dirtiest conditions and can't avoid it (our geese are kept very clean, as geese go).  They are fastidious about themselves.  They also don't carry disease or sickness.  Their biggest cause of illness?  Attack by other animals.  Geese are kept as indoor pets by many people for this reason--diapered, of course--and are loved by many people for how wonderful they are.  So it's not a big deal for her to be in the house. 

However, I did thoroughly clean the bathtub and floor afterwards. 

After her grooming session, Ginger decided to do what she now normally likes to do, now that her wing is out of service to tuck her head under.  She tucked it into another warm place--my shirt. 

I took pictures, so you can see that I don't make these things up.

She's a good girl and very affectionate.

This is not abnormal behavior for her anymore.  She loves hiding in my shirt.  Or sweatshirt hood.  Whatever she can get her beak into.  It's warm, and she goes right to sleep.

We sat like this for quite a while, me and my goose necktie.

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